Weather in Kusadasi, Turkey now and 1 week


The air temperature in Kusadasi day and night for months, ° C

The graph below shows the average air temperature in Kusadasi during the day (orange) and at night (blue). The warmest (holiday) months: June, July, August and September with temperatures ranging from 25 to 35 degrees.

Weather temperature air in kusadasah for months

Average water temperature in Kusadasi for months, ° C

In the region of Kusadasi, the temperature of the water in the sea becomes very comfortable for swimming from late May to late September. But even from the end of March to mid-November in Kusadasi some tourists bathe or sunbathe with comfort.

Weather temperature in Kusadaskh for months. Foto

The number of days with precipitation by months, on average

In Kusadasi, the climate is mostly dry. At the very height of the tourist period (June, July, August, September) there are practically no rains here at all, which adds an additional plus to this resort city.

Daytime rainfall for months in Kusadasi. Foto

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