On this page, as we prepare materials, we will add details on how to get to Kusadasi, Turkey. So far the best way is described below.

Kusadasi. How to get there

Flights directly to Kusadasi – no! But, Kusadasi is about just 100 kilometers from the city of Izmir. Therefore, the easiest way to get or fly to Izmir (possibly with a transfer in Istanbul, if there is no direct flight). From Izmir Airport, take a direct bus to Kusadasi.

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Izmir has only one airport, so no options!


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Izmir – Kusadasi. How to get there

Consider first how to get from Izmir Airport to Kusadasi. This method is suitable for those who do not need to stay in Izmir. Those. information for those who, arriving at Izmir airport, wants to immediately get to Kusadasi.

From Izmir Airport to the city of Kusadasi can be comfortably reached by bus.

There are two aircraft arrival terminals at this airport (domestic and international). The outputs of these terminals are located “100 meters” from each other.

From the airport to Kusadasi goes direct shuttle bus carrier HAVAŞ (Havash). It is sent directly from the exit from the terminal of domestic airlines.

Автобус Хаваш в аэропорту Измир. Фото

Then this bus also “picks up” those who are at the exit from the international terminal. The stop at this terminal is to the right in 30 meters from the exit.

Автобус Хаваш в аэропорту Измир Международный. Фото

On one of the columns you will see the schedule of this bus.

Автобус Хаваш в аэропорту Измир расписание. Фото


If you arrive at Izmir Airport at night and do not have time to take the last Havash bus or wait for the first bus too long in the morning, you can use the services of the Last Minute Tours carrier mentioned in the comments below.

Bus schedule HAVAŞ to Kusadasi

The exact schedule can be found on the website of this carrier.

Расписание автобуса HAVAŞ Измир Кушадасы. Фото

Fare and travel time

The fare to Kusadasi by bus HAVAŞ: 32 lire.
The bus is comfortable! Travel time to Kusadasi is approximately: 1 hour 10 minutes.

Final stop in Kusadasi: Bus station (Otogar).

Comments (4)

  1. Good afternoon. Please show on the map the route of the buses Havash and Last Minute Tours. Do they ride along the coast?

    1. Kusadasi Guide

      Buses from Izmir Airport to Kusadasi do not go along the coast. In the diagram, the route is highlighted in blue.
      Izmir Airport to Kusadasi

  2. You can also get from Izmir Airport to Kusadasi by booking a seat on the Last Minute Tours carrier bus, which you can do by WhatsApp. Here is a link to their website https://kusadasihavalimaniservis.com with a number. The cost of 30 lire. Arrives in less than 40 minutes. They communicate in Turkish and English. Last Minute Tours buses are parked to the right of the exit from the airport. (Translated)

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