According to the open statistics of the Travelpayouts affiliate network, the revenue of tourist websites can reach 7000 – 22000 $ a month! It is a question of stable income only from the sale of airline tickets, leisure in hotels, insurance, car rental, excursions and other tourist services.

And if you include more revenue from Google AdSense ad units, etc., as well as your own products and services, then the figures for the total revenue of the site will be much higher.

Of course, not every site will achieve such results, since to achieve such income you need to work hard. You must try to make your site interesting, useful and visited. But income statistics show that travel sites have significant benefits.

How to get a promising tourist site

We propose to use the site development model, following the example of the one on which you are currently located. This is a catalog site that allows you to add not only pages and entries (for blogging), but also site cards or geolocation (with Google maps), grouping them into categories.


You can become an expert of your city and set up a constant source of your income from the site!

Examine the part of our site that is available to all users and if you want to have a similar site (with the necessary adjustments) for your city, please contact us and discuss the details.

Revenue statistics

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