Pamukkale is the “pearl” of Turkey, as it is a unique natural and cultural site. This place includes geothermal springs, a unique landscape and ancient artifacts.

On this place in ancient times was the city of Hierapolis, which was the center of the cult of Cybele. There were unique mineral springs, as well as a deep narrow gorge with deadly gases, which contributed to the worship of this goddess.

Currently, many of the buildings located here are well preserved. Restoration work is also ongoing. Here you can see the ruins of Hierapolis, an amphitheater and museum, as well as a swim in the Cleopatra’s geothermal basin. The main distinguishing feature of this place is the unique calcium terraces, which sparkle with their whiteness.

Pamukkale. Video

Watch a 7-minute video to take a closer look at this unique amazing place!

360 degrees. 3D Pamukkale Tours

“Walk around” the territory of Pamukkale with the help of virtual online tours! Below are links to 3D tours. To move from one angle to another, find the blue arrows and click on them!

360 Виртуальный тур Памуккале

What’s the cover charge

  • Entrance fee to Pamukkale: 60 lire. Museum visit: 7 lire;
  • The cost of visiting the Cleopatra pool: 50 lira (13 lira for children under 12 years old);
  • Parking for cars is paid.

Kusadasi – Pamukkale. Distance. How to get there

Pamukkale is 190 km from Kusadasi. You have to get here from 3 to 6 hours one way, depending on the choice of route. How to get there:

  • By bus + minibus. You can get to Denizli from the bus station in Kusadasi and transfer to Pamukkale by minibus. The cost of this route: up to 50 lire per person. Get more than 5 hours;
  • By taxi. Cost: about 700 lire for a car of 5-7 people. You can order directly at the hotel. To get about 3 hours;
  • Order a transfer. The cost depends on the choice of car. View prices and order here;
  • Order a tour. Many hotels can join group excursions. For details and prices, check in your hotel.

Pamukkale has 2 entrances. The first entrance is at the bottom of the lake (geolocation). From here you need to barefoot climb up the white travertines. Second entrance upstairs (geolocation). It begins with the ruins of ancient Hierapolis.

Where to stay in Pamukkale

If you are traveling to Pamukkale on your own and you need to stay somewhere, then you can choose a hotel or hotel using the service Hotellook. You can also choose a suitable hotel on the map (you can clearly see where the hotels are located):

Popular hotels in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is one of the most amazing places in Turkey, so you certainly will not regret visiting it!

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Konstantin 15.08.2019 14:59
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Pammukale is truly one of the most amazing places! Very beautiful top view and amazing white travertines make you admire what you see! By the way, approaching the travertines along which water runs I thought at first that they would be slippery. But in fact, there it’s even impossible to slip barefoot – amazing! (Translated)