Hello and welcome to Kusadasi!

Hello and welcome to Kusadasi!
Turkish language

One of the first words in Turkish that are familiar to tourists who came to Turkey is:



Hello or Merhaba flight attendants can meet in the plane, if you fly by Turkish airlines. And then in the sms mobile operator will greet with this word.

Expression welcome or Hoş geldiniz they are met everywhere: in taxis, in buses, in shops, etc. Therefore, this invitation is also well remembered immediately. Literally, this greeting translates as “It’s good that you came (or arrived).”

What to say in response to such Turkish greetings

In response to the word Merhaba, you can answer with the same word.

In response to the invitation of Hoş geldiniz (Hosh Geldinis), Hoş bulduk can be answered as standard. Literally, the response phrase translates as “we found it pleasant,” as well as “good that we found.”


This article is our first blog post, so from us you:

Merhaba! Hoş geldiniz!

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