Regarding privacy and the processing of personal data on this page, we provide information for users and property owners who wish to use our site. We hope that the information provided will help you, as a user, make an informed decision on how to use our site.

Information posted on the site in the public domain

All information about objects available to users (addresses, modes of operation, telephone numbers for communication, etc.) is taken from open sources, such as information portals, reference media, business cards, objects themselves, etc., as well as provided by themselves property owners or their representatives.

In addition, to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, the owner can manage and edit the object description page independently. We can also change inaccurate information about the object at the request of the owner / employee of the object.

We reserve the right to check and change the specified information, if it has errors and / or does not correspond to the general design style, and also if the information is not unique, i.e. already posted on any sites.

Personal data processing

The site administration undertakes to use the personal data of users in accordance with the Federal Law “On Personal Data” No. 152-ФЗ dated July 27, 2006.

Information in the virtual office (in account)

Our site of the project “Kusadasi-Guide” has a secure https connection.

This means that when the owner of the object is registered on our website, providing your email address and password for your account (virtual office) to add your object to our directory, the information is transmitted via a secure channel.

We do not send e-mail addresses of registered users to third parties (except for cases stipulated by the laws of the country) and can only be used to send information messages to property owners, for example, to notify about any changes or news of the project.

When registering in our project to create your account, the necessary fields to fill in are the indication of the login and email address, as well as the independent formation of a password to log in. More required fields for entering personal information during registration are not.

On the object description page, the owner of the object can indicate the email address for the public presentation, i.e. different from the one used during registration.

In the event of a sale or transfer of a business, whether in whole or in part, personal data will also be transferred to the new owner along with all obligations to comply with this privacy policy.


In addition to registering on our website, which is designed for property owners (to add their objects), all users have the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter for free.

The newsletter is intended to alert subscribers about project news and facilities, as well as publish new information materials.

Subscribing to this newsletter also occurs via a secure channel and the same rules apply to the safety of this information as during registration with the project described above. We use the email addresses of subscribers for sending news messages of our project.

Subscription to the newsletter is voluntary. After subscribing to the email address of the subscriber, a notification is sent in which you need to confirm the subscription to the newsletter. To do this, you must independently follow the link in the letter, thereby confirming your consent to receive the newsletter.

Moreover, any subscriber has the opportunity to independently exclude himself from subscribers by completely removing his e-mail from our database with the help of the link present in each letter.

After unsubscribing from the newsletter, to resume receiving the newsletter, you must re-subscribe to the newsletter yourself.

Forms to send messages

For the convenience of interaction with users, there are forms for sending messages on different pages of our project. Data collection information is needed to perform certain tasks.

As with the registration on the site and the subscription to the newsletter, the same confidentiality rules described above apply to information obtained from such forms of sending messages, and not intended for general access.

Cookies and Analytics

For the convenience of users, our site uses cookies, allowing the user’s web browser to save information about the last session of the visit. You can learn more about this technology, for example, from Wikipedia .

If the user does not want to use our site with this technology, he can independently set up his browser so that he does not accept “cookies” or issue notifications about their sending. How to adjust these parameters – read the section Help of the browser you use.

For site analytics, we also use the following systems: Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics and a counter of LiveInternet. For example, we can see the behavior of users on the site. We also get statistics on the number of visitors for a given period, we can see the traffic of individual pages, from which search networks, social networks and websites were visitors, by what search queries they visited our site, from which cities, etc.

This information is not specific to users, but is general in nature and helps us work to improve the quality of the site.

Collaboration with Google inc

We have a partnership with Google inc., Which allows us to place on our website advertising materials provided by Google. This company also uses cookies to show users ads based on their interests.

Google has its own privacy policy. You can familiarize yourself with it and decide whether to allow these advertisements on our site or to customize your browser so that these advertisements are not displayed to you.

Denial of responsibility

The project administration is not responsible for the actions of other sites, including those mentioned on this site, as well as those who contain a link to our project. The collection of personal data when visiting third-party sites is governed by the relevant documents located on these sites.

We also reserve the right to change the privacy policy and additional provisions at any time without prior agreement with users. All changes take effect at the time of their publication on this page. Users can independently follow the changes to this information on this page.