Do you have your own commercial facility in the city of Kusadasi or its district? Do you have your own hairdresser, cafe, restaurant, car rental, hotel, shop, dental office, veterinary service or some other service sector?

Do not miss the opportunity to add your object to our online catalog and get additional English-speaking and Russian-speaking visitors!

Why you should add your object to Kusadasi-Guide

Kusadasi Guide is the most comprehensive online directory of objects of the city of Kusadasi and its region. For each object, a separate, most informative page is allocated and is placed in the What to Visit section. We are trying to make our site the main information portal on the city of Kusadasi and its region for both tourists and those who already live here.


Our site is being filled simultaneously in two languages (Russian and English). In the future, Turkish may also be added.

The audience that requests the city of Kusadasi and everything related to it on the Internet is quite large. For example, only in Yandex (not counting the Google search engine) more than 90 thousand requests per month. This is over 3000 daily!

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Also, the name of the city in English is more than 10 thousand requests per month.

Запросы Kusadasi в Яндексе

We believe that the growth in the popularity of holidays in Kusadasi will continue to only grow, and with each year the attendance of tourists will increase. Therefore, joining with us, you get noticeable benefits.

Our site already occupies one of the first positions in the search engines Yandex and Google for some queries.

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We are aimed at ensuring that our site occupies the first positions in Yandex and in Google for all the main queries related to the city of Kusadasi. We already have good growth trends in site traffic and positions in search engines! You can analyze the pace of development of our site by examining the following open statistics:

Through our website, tourists get to know the city virtually to plan their trip and decide what to visit. Also, foreign residents need up-to-date information on the geolocation of the city and the region. So the presence of your property in our catalog can help all users find you and take advantage of your services.

How to add an object and use other services


Step № 1. Sending application. You select the option you need from the list below, get acquainted with it and send us your request, providing all the necessary data. If you want to clarify something first, use the feedback form below.

Step № 2. Fulfillment of the application. We fulfill your order and report on the work done. After your check, we correct the publication (if necessary).

Step № 3. Payment service. You pay for the service. Below (after selecting all the services) the calculation options are described, – choose the most suitable for you.